Strencom Targets New 10MB Broadband Service At SMEs

Press release
03rd May 2007

Strencom, the business IP services provider, today, announced the launch of a 10MB broadband service designed specifically for technology dependent SMEs. The service is being initially piloted in Cork. It is based on e|net’s fibre optic infrastructure and enables Strencom provide the fastest broadband speed to the Irish SME market. This allows companies in sectors such as retail, finance and entertainment to benefit from the numerous bandwidth intensive applications running over the web. Some of these applications include video-conferencing, storage area networks and video-on-demand.

The surge in web based applications, which are hugely popular elements of a company’s internet usage, has driven the increased demand for higher bandwidth capacity. Currently, the broadband packages required to efficiently run these applications are costly and often beyond the price range of SMEs.

Strencom’s 10MB internet product will remove many of these financial barriers, which have limited the ability of smaller businesses to access higher bandwidth. By consolidating multiple orders, Strencom is able to offer free installation which currently costs companies between €10K and €40K for the initial set-up.

Conal Henry, CEO, e|net, said, “We’ve been providing high bandwidth services to our customers for a number of years now. This type of world-class, scalable solution has undoubtedly benefited the business community in every MAN centre, particularly larger companies. e|net fully recognises the importance and requirements of the SME market and we are excited at the way in which Strencom is utilising e|net’s product offering to deliver exciting and innovative solutions to their customers.”

Tim Murphy, managing director, Strencom, said, “Our 10 megabit broadband service is among the most groundbreaking in Europe and is certainly well ahead of anything else in Ireland. We believe that this is a major step towards putting Ireland into the frontline of digital economies. The initial reaction from the Cork business community has been exceptional, and we would expect to roll this out nationwide in the coming 12-18 months.”