Enet Connect Terms & Conditions

Pricing is budgetary and subject to signed contract, excludes VAT, valid for 20 days from when the quote was created and based on the term specified. Enet is not responsible for cable routing within third party locations (including Data Centres).

Order is subject to the T&C’s as outlined in the MAN Services Agreement.

All Ethernet circuits are built by default at Layer 2.  Please review the various Product Descriptions on the Enet web site for additional information or contact your account manager for more detailed technical product documentation.

Enet reserve the right to increase pricing to reflect CPI after initial contract term has passed. In such cases, a revised quotation will be issued.

(E&OE) Errors and Omissions Excepted.


  • Pricing is subject to full site survey
  • Pricing is based on fibre optic cable being routed utilising existing underground duct or if new duct installed via the most direct efficient route to building entry point into nominated comms room
  • Pricing is based on the termination of the fibre optic cable on the 1U Patch Panel with rack space and power to be provided by the customer
  • Diverse routing is not offered unless clearly specified
  • Enet advise at quotation stage if a third-party carrier is required to deliver connectivity.  However, it is at order stage that the final decision is made on whom to use, Enet will review options to choose best connectivity, and will inform the carrier accordingly.


  • Pricing assumes point to point radio deployment and assumes that Line-of-Sight (LoS) can be achieved to an existing Enet high site
  • Final price and service availability is subject to full site survey, Line-of-Sight validation and backhaul capacity checks at order
  • Permission will be required, from the customer, to install a pole and/or Dish on their premises
  • Wireless Licensed: Regulatory licence (ComReg) approval is required for this solution
  • Wireless Licence Exempt: No Regulatory licence (ComReg) required for this solution

Inter Data Centre Connection

  • The Dark Fibre price and service availability may be subject to site survey and additional connection costs
  • Managed Ethernet is delivered at a port on the Enet side of the MMR.  Customer to arrange any cross-connect, structured wiring and other works to get to their equipment
  • Dark Fibre is delivered at Enet side of the MMR.  Customer to arrange any cross-connect, structured wiring and other works to get to their equipment
  • International Wave is delivered to the Enet side of the MMR. The Customer is to arrange any cross-connects and other works to get to their equipment