Managed Failover

Providing automated failover on your Diverse Solution

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Solution overview

Managed Failover

Our Diverse Service solution ensures resilience in the event of the primary circuit going down. This does require the Customer to arrange the failover functionality themselves.

However, for truly seamless continuity of services, Enet can provide you with automated failover to simplify the process for your customer.

Managed Failover complements Diverse Service by providing the automated switchover from the primary (main circuit) to the secondary (backup circuit) for the customer.


It is a proactive solution to ensure the data connection is always available, and removes the hassle and complexity of the customer organising automatic failover.

It will also automatically switch back to the primary circuit when it is up and running again.

Managed Failover can be provided on Direct Internet Access (Layer 3) circuits.


Main & Secondary Connection

Secondary connection provides diverse route

Disaster Recovery

High speed Bandwidth across the Country

Business Continuity

Auto-failover minimises downtime

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