White Label Broadband

Reliable, scalable and affordable internet service throughout Ireland.

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Product overview

White Label Broadband

RSPs can develop their SME and Retail market by self-branding Enet’s White Label Broadband solution to their customers. White Label Broadband is a Layer 3 Internet service available through Enet’s Aggregation Platform (called Enet Connect).

This provides access to several Access Service Provider (ASP) networks to ensure maximum geographic penetration and potential customer access. The RSP can offer their customers a range of different broadband speeds to suit their End-Users’ needs.


Asymmetric 150Mb to 1Gb downstream for Fibre and up to 100Mb downstream for FTTC


End-user Traffic will utilise the Enet Network

Traffic handoff

Enet manages the provision and delivery of an internet service for the RSP

Network Security

IPoE [DHCP] only, Anti-MAC and Anti-IP Spoofing


RADIUS and IPAM services are provided by Enet

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Enet has the ability to deliver connectivity everywhere.

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White Label Broadband brochure

Reliable, scalable and affordable internet service throughout Ireland

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Enet's network is made up of a combination of fibre and wireless assets that, when aggregated, create a unique, fully integrated national network proposition.

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