Microwave Wireless

Enet’s wireless network connection provides unparalleled connectivity nationwide

Solution overview

Microwave Wireless

Enet’s Microwave Wireless uses licensed frequencies to ensure quality, delivering high-speed, symmetrical broadband services tailored for businesses. This proven technology prioritises high capacity, security, and reliability, boasting an impressive 99.99% uptime and the ability to provide broadband speeds of up to 10Gb.

Enet has comprehensive nationwide coverage, facilitated by our presence at almost 300 towers.  We can design and implement a robust and reliable bandwidth solution to meet your requirements for Direct Internet Access (DIA), Ethernet and other services.

Our Licenced Microwave provides a secure, high capacity, low latency solution that is fully managed and supported 24×7.   Your link will use a unique Comreg approved frequency to ensure quality of connection and eliminate interference.  Installation is straightforward, requiring just power, and a clear line-of-site. Enet will install a wireless dish on your building as well as provide and configure the associated radio equipment.

Enet can provide you with an instant quote at over 130,000 locations using our On-Line Quotation tool (ESQT).

Wireless is ideal for customers:

  • Where speed of delivery / quick deployment is vital.
  • Who need diverse options to ensure redundancy -“one in the ground /one in the air”
  • Where the available land-based service has limited bandwidth or access

Nationwide coverage

High speed Bandwidth across the Country

Quick Deployment

Bespoke solution in several weeks

Reliable Connection & Support

99.99% availability

Fully Managed

Turnkey implementation and 24 x 7 support


An ideal secondary solution to ensure availability


Can be designed to be upgradable

Frequently Asked Questions

Service requires an antenna or dish to be fitted externally on the customer’s premises. A premises site survey is required to ensure line-of-sight to the remote base station.

A microwave link is a permanent connection between two sites. It is a tried and tested and most importantly, cost-effective alternative to leased line technology. It delivers both data and voice traffic over long distances to remote locations and rural areas, offering reliable microwave broadband.

Microwave Wireless is noted for its low latency and reliability. The higher frequencies of microwave enables high information-carrying capacity that rivals fibre.

Latency measures the time data takes to travel on a connection, which can severely impact business productivity. Low latency is essential for VOIP systems, financial trading, and where a rapid response is required.
Where a licence is required, a specific spectrum is used to ensure reliability and availability.

Remote Access

In the absence of fibre broadband, or where copper service is not suitable, Wireless provides a stable high-speed communication solution for remote or hard-to-service locations.

Fast installation

Cabled solutions can have installation issues which can add significant delays and cost. A microwave link is straightforward to install, requiring a discreet antenna that avoids planning restrictions. Turnkey installation is normally carried out within a few days, as opposed to fibre broadband connections, which can span several weeks.

Secure Service Connection

Licenced Wireless provides a dedicated link not shared with other users and comes with an appropriate SLA. This is what we call an uncontended service.

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Microwave Wireless

For more and more businesses, broadband continuity is critical, particularly given the increased reliance on remote working and services delivered by Cloud. At Enet we ensure business continuity with alternative access service.

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Enet’s Metro and National Ethernet service is also available in the Last Mile/Local access using not only On-net MAN Fibre but also Enet’s Wireless and Off-net fibre and copper technologies. This ensures Enet can always provide a solution for your needs.

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