Serviced Antennae Space

Colocation facilities for Wireless Operators.

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Product overview

Serviced Antennae Space

Serviced space at over 90 locations, enabling Carriers to locate their equipment, providing both antenna and powered rack space as required.




2m pole

A designated 600mm space placed on a 2m pole*

2U allocated rack space

A 2U allocated rack space in the enet co-location facility

DC power

DC power to the designated rack space.

Trunking from pole to access gland

Trunking from the pole to the co-lo access gland

Security monitoring at facility

Security includes 24/7 monitoring of the facility, with secure access

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Enet has the ability to deliver connectivity everywhere.

We offer carriers a wide and innovative range of wholesale products and services, ranging from Managed Services, Infrastructure Access, Direct Internet Access, Voice among others.


The Enet Colo product enables Carriers to order and use serviced rack space within one of Enet’s c.90 Colo sites. Carriers can use Colo space to set up a PoP or as an aggregation point for their services.

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Serviced Antennae Space brochure

Enet offers an innovative solution for wireless operators to provide wireless services using the Metropolitan Area Network.

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Enet's network is made up of a combination of fibre and wireless assets that, when aggregated, create a unique, fully integrated national network proposition.

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