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Ensuring business continuity with alternative access service

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Solution overview

Diverse Service

For more and more businesses, broadband continuity is critical, particularly given the increased reliance on remote working and services delivered by Cloud. Downtime during key hours can have a major impact on productivity and customer satisfaction. Providing diverse access routes from the business premises to the Colo significantly increases service resilience.

Enet’s standard Ethernet solution on MAN Ring fibre provides a degree of diversity with an East and West route back to the Colo. For a national route, our backhaul goes over a distributed MPLS network with multiple redundant paths.

However, where customers specifically require 24x 7 availability with maximum uptime, Enet can offer Diverse Service. While each solution can be unique to the site at hand, depending on the degree of security required and network availability, we can offer Enet Fibre, Enet Wireless, or 3rd party network options to help ensure path diversity from the A to B end.


Where diversity is requested we can provide alternative routing with two different cables from the customer site to the local Colo. This protects against a full outage as the service will be maintained on the alternative route. Enet will design a solution to ensure that the secondary circuit is completely independent and does not share the same cable, duct or cabinet from the premises to the Colo. You can also select Enet’s microwave Wireless solution, which is an excellent way of providing a truly diverse route with “one in the ground and one in the air”.

Enet will work with you to meet your diversity requirements and minimise key single points of failure on the service. Where possible, diversity can include:

  • Dual CPE
  • Separate Building egress
  • Primary and Secondary Access routes on the network
  • Separate Colo
  • Dual NNIs


Diverse Service enet fiber and wireless

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Fully Managed

Turnkey implementation and 24 x 7 support

Business Continuity

4 hour sla fix time

Main & Secondary Connection

Secondary connection provides diverse route

24 hour monitoring

and 99.99 support % availability


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Frequently Asked Questions

Diverse Service at a minimum provides an alternative secondary route from the Customer to the Colo and where possible to an alternative Colo. In the event of a fault on the primary service or Colo the secondary service provides continuity without downtime.


Yes.  Diverse Service works by providing a secondary circuit via a separate route to use in the event of a Colo or cable failure to keep your Customer’s business operational at all times.

This will require the Customer to provide a local solution so that the main and secondary connections work hand-in-hand with monitoring checks between paths to ensure switching between paths.


The main goal with Diverse Service  is to ensure that the primary and secondary circuits avoid sharing as much of the same cable route as possible.  If a fibre or Colo is impacted and an outage occurs, the alternative path is used.

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For more and more businesses, broadband continuity is critical, particularly given the increased reliance on remote working and services delivered by Cloud. At Enet we ensure business continuity with alternative access service.

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