Virtual Connect

With Virtual Connect a Carrier can order capacity on Enet’s interconnects with SIRO; to which Enet will add national backhaul creating a single solution that seamlessly enables Carriers to access the SIRO network.

Product overview

Virtual Connect

Enet will build the capacity and backhaul for the Carrier selected SIRO interconnect(s). The Carrier can then order individual services directly from SIRO, having avoided the complication and expense of arranging interconnects and backhaul themselves. Specifically,

Enet can provide local or National handoff to the Carrier and granular interconnect and backhaul bandwidth to suit your needs. This bandwidth can be increased on request.


Carrier access to Enet’s nationwide interconnects with SIRO

Single Outer VLAN

Single Outer VLAN, per SIRO town, at the Enet NNI with the Carrier for traffic handoff


SIRO Subscriber unicast n:1 or SIRO 1:1 products available


Enet transparently carries the customer traffic

End-user Traffic

End-user Traffic will utilise the Enet backhaul Network for a National service

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Enet has the ability to deliver connectivity everywhere.

We offer carriers a wide and innovative range of wholesale products and services, ranging from Managed Services, Infrastructure Access, Direct Internet Access, Voice among others.


Enet’s Metro and National Ethernet service is also available in the Last Mile/Local access using not only On-net MAN Fibre but also Enet’s Wireless and Off-net fibre and copper technologies. This ensures Enet can always provide a solution for your needs.

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With Virtual Connect a Carrier can order capacity on Enet’s interconnects with SIRO

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