Midwest Online

Press release
05th Oct 2006

Limerick Chamber of Commerce and e|net today came together to facilitate broadband discussions with local businesses. The aim of the day was to facilitate a deeper understanding amongst local businesses of broadband technologies, issues and opportunities in the Limerick area.

A number of operators who are using the Metropolitan Area Network in Limerick attended the event to inform local businesses of the products and services they have on offer.

Speaking today at the event, Conal Henry, CEO or e-net said:

“e|net is proud to be based in the LEDP in Roxboro and managing the State’s national fibre network from Limerick. We operate our world class operations centre from Limerick, with leading edge service level agreements in place with carriers to ensure the delivery of world class service. We are also extremely proud that the MAN in Limerick is making such a positive contribution to addressing the issue of broadband availability for businesses in the city and are delighted to work with the Chamber to promote the positive benefits of broadband.

“There are currently 20 operators using the MAN in Limerick, providing a range of services to companies.

“Nationwide, e|net currently has 19 telecom companies using the MANs to provide services to their customers. All of the main telecos use the MANs, except eircom. In fact companies such as Magnet who are here today, have stated that they would not be able to operate in the regions and deliver the broadband services to customers without the e|net managed MANs.

“The MANs have broken the single supplier dependency and provided choice and competition in the market and the network has led to a reduction of up to one third of the previous cost to end users of broadband services.”