enet Welcomes Commitment To Fibre Rollout in Programme For Government

Press release
09th Mar 2011


enet, Ireland’s largest open-access telecoms network operator, has welcomed the strong commitment to a next generation network (NGN) rollout outlined in the Programme For Government.

The document, Government For National Recovery 2011-2016, sets a target of 90% coverage of fibre to the home or kerb within the lifetime of the government and that this be achieved with a co-investment model between the State, private and commercial semi-state sector.

Conal Henry, enet CEO, said “Few would argue against the fact that next generation networks are central to our economic development. How a country competes in the 21st Century will be defined by the relative quality of its digital infrastructure, in the same way as physical infrastructure defined the winners and losers in the 20th century.”

Henry went on to say, “I welcome the commitment to a fibre rollout but it’s clear that this investment needs to commence immediately – the longer we leave it the less of a competitive advantage we’ll derive from it. The crucial next step is to clearly identify how policy and industry can combine to ensure that the return is maximised for all stakeholders.”