enet welcomes BICS as 70th telecoms carrier using its open-access networks

Press release
13th Apr 2013

enet, Ireland’s largest open-access network operator, today announced that it has signed a deal with BICS, the Belgian-based leading voice and mobile data services provider, thus bringing to 70 the total number of telecommunications carriers now using enet’s infrastructure.

As network-operation and service-provision around the globe become structurally separated, telecommunications carriers are increasingly regarding open-access operators such as enet as trustworthy partners in their plans for future development. In stark contrast to the traditional incumbent-operator model (in which infrastructure remains reserved for the exclusive use of the incumbent), enet is dedicated to providing a network that is open to all telecommunications operators on the same basis.

“We are happy to be partnering with enet,” said Eric Loos, Senior Product Manager Capacity & IP, BICS. “This gives us open and fair access to Ireland’s premier network, allowing us to provide customers with state-of-the-art communications services and to meet the changing requirements of our industry with efficient and innovative solutions.”

Based in Brussels, BICS is a top global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services, offering global connectivity and value added services with a strong presence in Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle East.

“For many, open-access is the ‘phrase du jour’, but for enet it has been a way of life for well over a decade,” said Conal Henry, enet CEO. “The wholesale, open-access nature of our business and the manner in which we embrace it, ensures that we don’t compete with our customers. This has been the key to our success. With the addition of BICS to our list of customers, we can proudly say that every major carrier in Ireland – now 70 of them – uses enet-operated networks to systemically improve their own retail services.”

Evidence of the effectiveness of enet’s open-access model can be seen in Limerick City where there are now 25 telecommunications companies using the local Metropolitan Area Network (MANs), which enet operates on behalf of the State. This local competition stimulates economic activity by facilitating end-users with a range, quality and competitiveness of services that previously did not exist.