Enet launches new Cloud Connect product

Press release
10th Jun 2020

Enet, Ireland’s largest open access network provider, has introduced Cloud Connect, a new product which will deliver improved connectivity for businesses across Ireland. The service gives wholesalers direct connectivity from a business premises to cloud providers, avoiding the fixed expense of datacentre co-location and port rental.

Cloud Connect allows businesses to directly access over 120 cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure (ExpressRoute), VMware, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, providing a more secure, reliable and consistent connection. It is also readily scalable to meet increased demand or changing business patterns and can be ordered as an add-on to existing on-net connectivity services with Enet.

Speaking about the launch, David Eyre, Enet Chief Commercial Officer said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Cloud Connect product, which is a testament to our continued commitment to creating value for our customers, driving innovation and enhancing connectivity.

The demands for high-speed safe and secure connectivity are increasing all the time for businesses. Enet Cloud Connect means our wholesale customers can now help Irish businesses can significantly improve the security and performance of their digital platforms in a cost effective and simple manner.”

Enet operates the largest alternative wholesale telecoms network in Ireland, which comprises of over 5,400 Km of fibre infrastructure, including the Irish State’s Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), proprietary metro networks, a unique dark fibre backhaul infrastructure, as well as one of the largest licensed wireless networks in the country.

The company currently works with over 80 different service providers to bring high-quality data connectivity, broadband and wireless to more than one million end users throughout Ireland.