enet Invest €500,000 In Newbridge Fibre Network

Press release
29th Oct 2019

enet has announced an investment of €500,000 for the construction of a new, world-class “metro” fibre network in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

The installation of duct, sub duct and fibre optic cable has taken place across the town connecting major commercial and industrial zones, as well as educational institutions. Construction work will be concluded in the coming weeks; however, a number of sites are already activated and in receipt of fibre broadband.

In addition, several businesses, via their chosen service provider, have signalled their interest in connecting to the infrastructure and demand is seen to be very positive.

Director of Services, of Kildare County Council, Niall Morrissey, said: “I welcome this announcement and wish to commend enet for bringing this project to fruition, as it’s a vital step forward for Newbridge.  The construction of new fibre broadband infrastructure is an important development for improving business innovation, streamlining services and educating our young students.”

Conal Henry, enet CEO said: “County Kildare was the only county in Ireland not to benefit from a State funded Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), so enet is pleased to announce that we have privately funded a new fibre network in Newbridge. Our considerable experience in managing telecom infrastructure has shown that the existence of fibre networks has a major impact on boosting the range, quality and competitiveness of communications solutions for businesses in the area.”

Mr. Henry went on to say: “I also want to thank Kildare County Council for their support for this project. They acutely understood the project benefits and worked with us in the spirit of partnership to make it a reality.”

enet’s open-access model is contrary to the exclusive way that traditional operators’ networks function and allows for competition in a way that had not previously happened. Currently there are over 70 different service providers using enet operated networks on a national basis.