enet Completes Communications Jigsaw in Westpark

Press release
16th Nov 2015

Commenting on the official launch of its fibre infrastructure in Westpark, Shannon, enet CEO Conal Henry said, “This launch marks the completion of the final piece in the jigsaw for local telecoms infrastructure in Westpark.”

He explained, “enet operates fibre optic infrastructure nationwide, including the Ireland’s Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) and we are delighted to now announce our new fibre network in Westpark. Operated on an open-access basis, this infrastructure will facilitate end users in the park through a wide variety of service providers, such as local carrier, BBnet. Significantly, enet has engineered two distinct geographical fibre paths into Westpark, offering service resilience to end-users.”

To really embrace open-access enet operate a wholesale-only model, and don’t retail telecoms service to end-users. They are carrier-neutral and concentrate on the provision of physical infrastructure, leaving the service provision to the 60+ different service providers who use their own networks nationally to deliver high quality, high bandwidth retail services.

Brian O’Connell, CEO, Westpark said, “From the very inception of Westpark business campus our aim has been to deliver state of the art, competitively priced communications for client companies, most of which are globally trading businesses. On this basis we regularly appraise advances in the marketplace to ensure that we continue to meet our commitment. enets model facilitates access to their fibre infrastructure to all service providers, allowing for competition in a way that has not previously been possible.”

A high-profile, dependable and sophisticated infrastructure partner, enet operates networks for telecoms services to an extensive list of blue-chip companies such as Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Coca Cola, Dell, and VM Ware, as well as local companies such as CloudCARDS and WARS (Work Area Recovery Solutions).

“For high bandwidth, choice, resilience and a world-class Service Level Agreements, enet fibre is the perfect solution,” concluded Conal.