enet competes backhaul deal with Magnet Networks

Press release
30th Oct 2017

enet, the open access fibre and wireless network operator, has signed a seven figure deal with Irish telecoms firm Magnet. The deal will deliver significant extra capacity to the service provider, enhancing Magnet’s ability to deliver high speed services to businesses and homes on their current networks.

This new arrangement, which reaffirms the long standing relationship between enet and Magnet, secures Magnet access to 100GB circuits on enet’s fibre backhaul network for at least 5 years, with the opportunity to increase this capacity or to acquire additional capacity for any new towns as required in the future.

This backhaul capacity will be complimentary to Magnet’s existing network, and will facilitate the telecoms service provider in the delivery of services to their customers in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Portlaoise. Through this next generation fibre backhaul network, which is owned and operated by enet, end-to-end fibre will now be available directly into their customers’ homes and businesses. This will further strengthen Magnet’s ability to deliver super-fast broadband services and, in turn, will allow users on their network to take full advantage of the digital marketplace and growth in cloud based services.

Speaking of the deal James Canty, Head of Product, from Magnet said, “Magnet are committed to helping businesses in the regions grow. We do this by offering not just great connectivity but also through our voice and unified comms platform, our managed Wi-Fi and LAN services, and our security and threat management services. This additional network capacity will have a very positive impact on the speed and efficiency of these services for our customers.”

Also commenting on the announcement, enet CEO, Conal Henry said, “This deal with Magnet further signals our commitment to delivering world class networks on an open access basis to all Irish licensed telecom service providers. Our continued investment in fibre infrastructure in both backhaul and within the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) towns has given service providers a wealth of choice and opportunities when it comes to delivering the very best services to their customers.”

He continued, “This backhaul deal will also be great news for Magnet’s customers in Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Portlaoise and ensures that these users will be able to benefit from superfast, wholly reliable, world class broadband.”