COVID-19 & Business Continuity Planning

Press release
16th Mar 2020

As a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation, Enet has already implemented a number of precautionary measures to protect staff. In addition, we have a detailed Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to maintain operations and minimise any impact on our services and on our customers, in the event of a disruption.

Our normal business operations can be carried out beyond our Limerick HQ, and contingency measures are in place to ensure business continuity in the event of a widespread outbreak. Enet have multiple sites at our disposal – across Limerick and Dublin – so it is likely that operations could continue in at least one site. Separately, there are a range of different technology solutions which enable our staff and key contractors to work effectively from remote locations. As part of our business continuity planning, the company successfully tested a number of key operational activities when all staff, including our NOC, worked remotely on Thursday 12th March.

Furthermore, we are closely liaising with contractors and suppliers to ensure that we have the capability to continue business operations. There are no specific supply side issues reportable at this time.

We are continuously monitoring developments and Enet’s BCP will be regularly reviewed and updated as required.

Should you have any questions related to this, please do not hesitate to contact our NOC or your Enet Account Manager.