Carlow MAN-Power To Deliver Boost To Local Businesses

Press release
27th Feb 2009

Carlow-based wireless Internet service provider Aptus are set to use Carlow’s fibre optic Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) to deliver high speed internet services to Carlow businesses.

Aptus are now offering dedicated Internet speeds of up to 100Mb and beyond to businesses in Carlow on the Metropolitan Area Network, as well as to businesses throughout the county on its own wireless network. While this is specifically designed for the business community, Aptus will also be rolling out a 10Mb Broadband service in the coming weeks across its entire broadband network aimed at both business and residential customers. These services will be available to all Aptus customers, even in the most rural areas of its network.

Fergal Kearney, Managing Director of Aptus, commented, “We recognised that there was a dramatic increase in the use of bandwidth intensive and latency sensitive, web based applications such as video conferencing and VoIP. This increased need has naturally driven the increased demand for higher bandwidth capacity. We’d like to think that Aptus has now delivered a product to the market place that ticks all the boxes in terms of capacity, latency & availability, but also is affordable to SMEs.”

Conal Henry, e|net CEO, said, “e|net has been providing high bandwidth services to our customers, Ireland’s telecoms service providers, for a number of years now. This type of scalable, world-class solution has undoubtedly benefited the business community in MAN-enabled towns. e|net fully recognises the importance and requirements of the SME market and we are excited at the way in which Aptus is utilising e|net’s product offering to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.”

Henry went on to say, “This 100Mb broadband package is precisely the type of high-speed package that the Carlow MAN was created to support.”