Bringing Next Generation Broadband To The Next Generation!

Press release
02nd May 2013


enet, today, has highlighted the critical role that the MANs are playing in the delivery of 100Mbs broadband to 104 post primary schools nationally. The superfast broadband rollout is part of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources “100Mbs for Schools” initiative which is being managed by HEAnet.

The MAN fibre will transform the broadband connectivity to these schools, creating the capacity to significantly enrich and enhance the educational experience for thousands of students. Already, schools are massively benefiting from the technological jump with some notable cases adapted iPads instead of traditional text books as a means of delivering the curriculum.

Gerry Shankey, Principle, St. Louis Secondary School, said, “Everyone in St Louis’ is delighted to be part of the 100Mbs broadband rollout. It represents a huge improvement; to use an analogy, rather than taking water from a well with a bucket we now have it permanently on tap!” Mr Shankey added, “The challenge for the school is to utilise the technology to its full potential. It offers exciting possibilities, especially in the area of video conferencing and digital media where the additional bandwidth will greatly facilitate the upload and download of digital content. Already, staff and students are using cloud computing as a platform for sharing notes, files and digital clips.”

Ronan Byrne, Chief Technology Officer, HEAnet, adds, “The advent of 100Mbs connectivity at post-primary schools represents a quantum leap in network connectivity for these schools and allows web-based resources to be incorporated in classroom teaching in a far more effective and efficient manner. HEAnet are delighted to build and manage this network on behalf of the Irish Government and schools.”

enet CEO, Conal Henry added, “enet is extremely proud of our involvement in the delivery of world class broadband to these schools and this initiative underscores the importance of the MANs to the delivery of cutting-edge communications and information services to the education sector in regional Ireland.” He went on to say, “High quality communications in our schools and educational establishments can be transformational. These schools now have access to the best quality broadband possible, allowing for ready use of multi-media content, video conferencing and a whole host of exciting new educational opportunities available through next generation technology”.