About Enet

Enet is Ireland's largest, open access network provider.

We are developing the primary wholesale telecoms network in Ireland - comprising of metro fibre networks, a unique fibre backhaul network, one of the largest licensed wireless networks in the country, as well as ninety regional co-locations centres.

Our open access, high capacity fibre and wireless networks makes it easier and more cost-effective for our customers, service providers, to deliver and support world-class broadband services to homes and businesses across Ireland.

Wholesale Solutions

Managed Connectivity

Infrastructure Access

Next Generation IP Services

Other Wholesale Solutions


Everywhere Is On-net

With over 5,400 Km of fibre, a national wireless network, as well as 3rd party infrastructure access agreements, we offer services on a genuinely nationwide basis.

Our ambition is to be a "one stop shop" and ultimately make it easier and more cost-effective for our customers to deliver and support world-class broadband services to homes and businesses.

Unique Backhaul Network

Enet has invested over €50 million to develop a uniquely resilient, open access backhaul network to cater for the needs of the service provider community - both national and international.

Wholesale Only

The wholesale nature of our business, and the manner in which the company embraces this model, ensures that we don't compete with our customers.

Tailored & Flexible Solutions

Enet delivers customers what they want and not what we want to sell them. We provide flexible solutions to service providers, allowing them to develop and deliver high quality services to their end users.


Latest News

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