Staff retention a key part of enet’s success

Press release
11th Aug 2012

Over the past 13 years enet have become a vital component of Ireland’s telecommunications landscape with the company developing and managing the country’s alternative fibre network. In doing so, enet has transformed the Irish telecommunications industry by stimulating competition, reducing bandwidth costs and accelerating Ireland’s broadband position.

Yet running a fast-evolving network is about more than cables and switches – it is about recruiting and developing talented individuals. Conal Henry, enet CEO, shares his unique perspective on why enet has been so successful: “Wholesale telecommunications is not about networks or technology – it’s about people. And at enet, we have built a team that is the best.

“For me, an organisation comprising people who are genuinely committed to a vision and who apply their talents to it, will always do well and at enet, we are very lucky to have such a committed and talented set of professionals.”

To underline how enet values its employees, nine current staff members recently celebrated their ten-year work anniversary with the company by going on a business trip to the USA, visiting enet shareholder, Granahan McCourt Capital’s headquarters in New York City, where they met with enet Chairman David C. McCourt. Staff members celebrating their decade of continued professional development with the company included Eamonn Doyle, Brendan Kenny, Lyanne Kiely, Bartley McElroy, Jim Molony, James Quinn, Linda Roche, Jean Toomey and Patrick Tuite.

Bartley McElroy, enet Sales Director, said: “enet makes it possible for people to grow in the same way as the business. And just like the business, our careers continue to develop and we acquire new skills and capabilities.” McElroy continued: “For the business the real opportunities in exploiting the need for increased state intervention in telecommunications. This is a global phenomenon driven by the criticality of communications infrastructure and the weakness of the private sector business case. enet is perfectly positioned to support and grow through further state interventions in the market in which people can build their career alongside.”

2017 marks the fourth year that enet has recognised employees’ 10-year work anniversaries, bringing the total to 26 current employees who have spent more than a decade with enet – a definite indicator of continued growth and development for staff and company alike.

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