Smart Option for Waterford Business

Press release
02nd Nov 2007

Waterford’s business community can now take advantage of the Next Generation Network (NGN) offered by SMART telecom and supported by e|net and the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs).

Smart Telecom’s NGN is the next step up in telecom services for businesses, allowing superior high-speed voice, data and video communications. The benefits of the NGN include greater reliability, greater value for money, greater responsiveness and greater flexibility.

A full briefing on the NGN will be available for all businesses in the Tower Hotel in Waterford on 1st November at 8:00am. Ray O’Brien, Sales and Marketing Director of Smart will give a brief outline of Smarts new position within the industry and approach going forward. Ronan Kelly, Technical Operations Director for Smart will outline the benefits of Smart Telecom’s Next Generation Network and the various solutions that we provide.

John Riordan, Chairman and CEO of Smart Telecom commented, “The Smart NGN is the foundation for all Smart Telecom products and services. Based on a high speed package design, offering voice, data and video communications the benefits of the NGN are simple. The Smart NGN replaces the multiple legacy networks with one straightforward network, which results in greater reliability. This in-turn results in lower operational and equipment costs which mean greater value for money for our customer. Finally our greater responsiveness with upgrades within 24hours enables us to provide greater flexibility and more scalable solutions to our customers.”

Conal Henry, CEO of e|net, commented, “Waterford’s fibre optic MAN network is clearly delivering major benefits for businesses in the city. e|net is delighted to support Smart Telecom in its NGN Corporate Offering.”

“e|net is proud to add Smart as part of our growing list of operators that are using the MANs for their own competitive advantage. Our customers know that e|net delivers scalable, reliable communications solutions with turnaround times and service levels that eircom customers can only dream of.”

The Government is currently proceeding with a second phase of the Metropolitan Area Network (MANs) Programme for the building of a further 90 MANs around Ireland.

The revamped Smart Telecom announced a €90 million restructuring earlier this year and is now focused on data, broadband and VoIP services to the Corporate, SME and Residential sectors. The total value of these markets has been estimated at €2.4 billion by telecoms regulator ComReg.