enet’s celebrates 200th regional Gigabit connection

Press release
15th Feb 2008

enet, Ireland’s largest open-access network provider, has supplied its 200th site with high-speed Gigabit broadband, further underlining our ability to deliver superfast connectivity to the regional Ireland.

Specifically, a growing number of the country’s leading third-level institutions are upgrading to broadband capabilities of between one and 10 Gigabits through direct connections to the Metropolitan Area Networks which enet operates on behalf of the State. The multiple benefits obtained by third-level educational institutions across the country make it essential they have advanced fibre connections that are both super-fast and reliable.

Access to resilient, high-speed broadband allows academics in these institutions to perform collaborative research with peers in other organisations, opens up simultaneous internet access for large numbers of students, and is central to the development of online or distance education.

Conal Henry, enet CEO, stated, “We are delighted to have achieved this significant milestone of delivering our 200th Gigabit service. We are already working hard on delivering even greater numbers of high capacity connections in regional Ireland.”

Henry went on to say, “At enet, providing super-fast connectivity is what we do every single day. There are already hundreds of educational, commercial and enterprise sites in dozens of regional towns are already benefiting from enet’s Gigabit connectivity. Our offering is tried-and-tested and fully operational. It has already proved to the carrier community that it will give their end-customers scalable, affordable, end-to-end connectivity.”