Enet’s 5,400 km of Irish fibre network data now available through Cloudscene’s global marketplace platform

Press release
07th Jul 2020

Enet, Ireland’s largest open-access network provider, has added its 5,400km fibre infrastructure network to Cloudscene, the world’s largest market intelligence platform and independent global marketplace for buying and selling network services.

The extensive industry data on which Cloudscene Marketplace is built allows businesses to easily source the optimum service to power their IT networks and has made it easier and faster for enterprises and service providers to get connected and manage service fulfilment. The addition of Enet’s extensive Irish fibre network data to Cloudscene will allow customers around the world to access Enet’s infrastructure services and deliver enhanced network solutions.

Enet currently works with over 80 different retail service providers to bring high-quality broadband and wireless to more than one million end users throughout Ireland.

Speaking about Enet’s inclusion on Cloudscene, David Eyre, Chief Commercial Officer, Enet said: “We’re delighted to add our network solutions to the Cloudscene platform. This data allows our customers to find global colocation, cloud, and connectivity service providers all in one platform. It allows carriers around the world to access Enet’s 5,400 km of fibre infrastructure.”

Discussing Enet joining the platform, Belle Lajoie, Chief Executive Officer, Cloudscene, said: “Adding critical local network data to our platform means bridging the lack of transparency in the industry and empowering data-driven business decisions, which ultimately leads to the optimum solution for customers in Ireland and globally. We’re happy to welcome Enet, and its vast fibre network, to Cloudscene.”