Enet Partners with Synoptic to provide businesses in Dublin with a more reliable and cost-effective internet solution.

Case Study
20th Apr 2023

‘The project management, service delivery, and subsequent follow on support we’ve received from the teams at Synoptic and Enet have been exceptional.’

Myles Devlin, Head of IT, Comex McKinnon, a leading Irish cereal importer and exporter

At Enet we have partnered with Synoptic, Ireland’s most innovative and competitive independent telecommunications operator, to provide our customers with an Enterprise Fibre Network Infrastructure in Swords and Greenogue in Dublin. As a result, the business community in the area can now access high grade Dedicated Internet Access connections.

With ever increasing demands for faster and more reliable internet access, there are many businesses in Ireland still operating on substandard services that involve high running costs. Utilising Dedicated Internet Access connections addresses this issue, as it provides each business with a private leased line circuit that offers an internet connection solely for their own use. This system also allows them to access bandwidth speeds from 100Mb to 10Gb.

This partnership between Enet and Synoptic also offers customers:

  • Zero installation charges
  • 24/7 support
  • A top tier business service-level agreement

As part of Synoptics partnership with Enet, Synoptic recently deployed a high-grade Internet Access Infrastructure for Comex McKinnin, a leading Irish cereal importer and exporter. Operating from Baldonnell Road in Dublin 22, Comex McKinnon have been creating bespoke supply chains and infrastructure solutions for their clients for over 40 years. By offering their trade partners the best market information available, they enable customers to source the highest quality raw materials as competitively as possible.

We asked Myles Devlin, Head of IT at Comex McKinnon, why they approached Synoptic for a connectivity solution, and how it has impacted on the day-to-day running of their business.

“We had been experiencing reliability and performance issues with our company’s internet service, and after commencing a project to move our critical data to the Cloud, it became a priority to improve our businesses connectivity. 

It was proving difficult to source the right solution for our requirements as the options available to our location were scarce.  We then engaged with the team at Synoptic and straight away, they were clear on what we were looking for and brought solutions to the table that matched up with what we required. Within a matter of weeks they deployed a high-grade fibre Dedicated Internet Access circuit powered from infrastructure deployed by Enet, their strategic partner. 

The project management, service delivery, and subsequent follow on support we’ve received from the teams at Synoptic and Enet have been exceptional. If any business is looking to bring their internet and data connectivity to the next level, we’d highly recommend talking to the team at Synoptic.”    

To find the best Dedicated Internet Access quote that is tailored to your business, get in touch with Synoptic here.