enet fibredirect – Fibre to the Pharmacy

Press release
29th Jul 2015


enet’s ‘Fibre To The Business’ (FTTB) project, more commonly known as enet fibredirect has, over the past year, seen fibre be delivered directly into businesses in Claremorris, Loughrea, Ardee and Kilkenny City. This fibre network ensures that businesses in these areas can now access super-fast and reliable fibre broadband, as well as traditional telephone services.

Specifically delivered to SME’s, fibredirect enabled premises can now access broadband speeds of 250Mbs, providing the ultimate broadband experience, free from bandwidth bottlenecks and allowing end users to take full advantage of digital markets and to exploit online opportunities.

Flynn’s Pharmacy, located in Claremorris employ 11 staff, and is one such business which has found huge benefits in their new superfast broadband connection.

“We couldn’t run this business without high-speed broadband”, says Jimmy Flynn, owner of Flynn’s Pharmacy. “Once the HSE, our biggest customer, went paperless we had to be able to send prescriptions electronically, because they pay electronically. With fibre to the building, our pharmacy can “talk to” the HSE server in Dublin, making transmitting electronic claims to the Primary Care Reimbursement Service in the capital even faster than ever. More than that, it is also enabling us to develop a new online store, which goes live in a few weeks”, he added.

Jimmy, who is also acting president of the local Chamber of Commerce, says that using fibre in his business has made a “significant difference”. “enet’s high-speed fibre broadband network demolishes barriers like time and distance, which have always held the west back. Telecoms is one of the main strings on the connectivity bow that will draw investment and industry development to towns like Claremorris. With this fibre I am now fully future-proofed. I have a fibre-optic cable coming into my building and as our technology needs and speeds grow, it will grow with me and adapt to my needs, as long as I keep updating the hardware inside of my building.” he says.

Conal Henry, CEO of enet, who also operate and manage the MANs on behalf of the state, said; “We are all excited by the positive reaction that we are getting toward the FTTB Project. We have always known the benefits of our fibre network, and the huge impact it would have on the small business community. Bringing this infrastructure and these capabilities to small towns like Claremorris is making a real difference to how these companies do business.

He continued, “Bringing broadband to rural areas is a hot topic in the telecoms industry right now, and here in enet we aren’t just talking about it – we are doing it. While many others are bringing ‘Fibre to the Slide’ we are out there bringing ‘Fibre to the Business’.

The enet fibredirect project has already delivered fibre to over 1,000 businesses in 4 regional locations and the company is currently finalising its plans for the next wave of FTTB investment.