Open access & Wholesale only

Open access & Wholesale only

For many open access is the “phrase du jour”, but for enet it has been a way of life for over a decade. Network operation and service provision are becoming structurally separated globally, and telecom carriers are increasingly looking to wholesale operators as partners they can trust and with whom they can develop. Our company facilitates this through operating our nationwide fibre and wireless on a truly open-access, wholesale only basis, meaning that all authorised telecom carriers can have access to our infrastructure on the same basis.

Open access

Our open access model facilitates multiple carriers and their offerings, such as high bandwidth broadband services and voice telephony, on one network.

This model is contrary to traditional operators’ exclusivity of network, and stimulates both competition and economic development in Ireland in a way that has not previously been possible.

In Cork City alone, there is demonstrable evidence of our model delivering for the city as there are now over 30 carriers using the local MAN - this is great news for end users who now have access to a range, quality and competitiveness of services that previously did not exist.

Wholesale Only

The wholesale nature of our business, and the manner in which we embraces this model, ensures that we don't compete with our customers, and this has been the key to our success. Today, every major carrier in Ireland, over 60 of them, use fibre operated by enet to systemically improve their own retail service.

We offer a wide range of products and services, with a huge amount of flexibility. This means that we will make every effort to customise our offerings to suit each customers' specific requirements. 

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