The Environment

Enet takes our environmental responsibilities very seriously and actively operates an environmental management system.

We strive to reduce our own impact and the impact of any sub-contractors on the environment. Our environmental policy specifically targets the construction element of our business and Enet expects all subcontractors and suppliers to co-operate fully in the implementation of this system.

Network Design

We ensure that energy design is a key part of our network design and we have taken a number of specific actions that reduce the impact on the environment e.g. Increased tolerances on air conditioning in 86 collocation facilities to reduce energy consumption.

Video Conferencing

The Company has installed and frequently uses video conferencing. The business case for this was to reduce the requirements for travel.


General awareness and cognisance of recycling is promoted within the business. Separation of materials such as paper, plastics and cardboard are catered for. In addition, Enet purchase recycled stationary and use recycled ink cartridges as a matter of course.