SLA - Service level agreement

SLA - Service level agreement

enet provide industry leading support backed by a world-class Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our standard offering provides a management service with 24/7 coverage from our Networks Operations Centre in Limerick.

Our SLA to authorised operators is summarised in the following table. Please note that this relates to fibre based services only. To get more information on SLAs for our wireless offering please get in touch at

Service Delivery

Our installation SLA is 3 weeks from signed private wayleave and we typically beat this target. The main item which would impact such an SLA commitment is other party network availability for backhaul. Given the nature of this tender we feel that the SLA stated here would be a worst case and could be improved upon where the network is built out in advance.

Maintenance & Repair

By way of services, enet offers the carrier community the ultimate in technical support. The SLA offered guarantees a 2 hour on-site response, with 4 hours to commence repair.

Additionally, enet does not tier our SLAs based on revenue - so all client services receive this truly world class, industry high offering.

Service Delivery
Maintenance & Repair

> Signed PO / enet order form received

> 99.999% availability (on diverse services)

> Week 1: Scope of works prepared and sent to customer 

> 2 hours fault response (max.)          

> Week 2: Apply for full site survey                 

> 4 hours commencement to repair (min.)

> Week 2/3: Full site survey results received

> 24x7x365 support

> Week 3: Contact landlord and apply for wayleave


> Week 3/4: Upload data to database with all signed documents.*


> Week 4: Build process begins.*


> Week 6: Build process complete, customer handover.*


* Timeframe may vary subject to public / private wayleave process. 

Click here to download the full SLA agreement.