Enet has the ability to deliver what our competition can't or won't. Unlike other wholesale operators and network providers, we spend little or no time trying to change our carrier customers' strategies. Working on the assumption that "they know how to run their business" our ambition is always to say "YES" to their requirements.

We offer carriers a wide and innovative range of wholesale products and services, ranging from Managed Services, Infrastructure Access, Direct Internet Access, Voice among others.

Managed Connectivity

Enet's range of Managed Connectivity solutions are designed to give carriers scalable connectivity and end-to-end transport from anywhere in Ireland.

Enet has now developed minimum on-site delivery options which are available to our wholesale customers to help comply with COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

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Infrastructure Access

We recognise that physical infrastructure access is central to some operator strategies and we make a range of infrastructure available on an open-access basis.

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Next Generation IP Services

Enet offer fully managed, end-to-end IP services - including white label broadband and voice solutions.

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Other Wholesale Solutions

We recognise that sometimes a wholesale partner should offer additional added value service and we're keen to discuss any opportunity that presents itself - whether it's NOC Services, Cloud Services or Network Build Projects.

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