Our Staff

Enet recognises that its employees are its most valuable resource, and the fair treatment of our employees is vital. To that end, Enet has developed a number of employee policies, practices and initiatives to ensure that employees are appropriately trained, protected and aware of the aims of the business

Pay and Benefits

Enet believes that its staff should be fairly compensated and rewarded for the work they do. In addition to the competitive salaries offered, an attractive benefits package is offered;

Training and Development

Enet is vigilant in identifying areas where continued training and development is necessary. Most of the training requirements are identified through the annual performance appraisals process. However, management and staff requests for relevant up-skilling is monitored and updated actively in the training plan;

Educational Assistance Programme

Enet gives structured support to further education through our Educational Assistance Programme which includes providing study / exam leave as well as course and examination fees;

Work / Life Balance

In terms of striving for a work / life balance, the company attempts to be reasonable and flexible to ensure personal and family life does not suffer unduly