Managed Wavelengths

enet's Wavelength products provide carriers and end-customers with the security and dependability of a private network without the operational complexity. 

The Wavelength products offer carriers the possibility of connecting data centres and important core sites with flexible data highways. Carriers relying on these products can plan their network with the convenience of having a large amount of capacity under their full control, with a choice of standard handoff interfaces. 

End-customers, whose end-to-end service is built upon a Wavelength product, can rest assured that their business-critical data is transported through a dedicated, secure and high-availability connection, port to port. These customers' operations can rely on a dependable network build through a consultative process that offers the option to them to define the route of their wavelengths.


Wavelengths Benefits
Benefits to carriers: Benefits to end-customers:
  • Unconstrained, flexible and large capacity connection to datacentres and major core sites
  • Full protocol transparency
  • No MTU size limitations
  • No congestion
  • Tight control over service latency
  • Proactive monitoring that reduces network management costs
  • Less network equipment, reduced network complexity and hence lower operational costs
  • Fast, high-availability and low-latency service
  • Port-to-port security and privacy for critical data
  • Point-to-point dedicated bandwidth
  • Reliability and survivability
  • Customer designed paths and diverse routing that enable a highly reliable and dependable service




enet Responsibilities

enet is responsible for;

  • Building the service to the demarcation points
  • Supplying, installing, maintaining and operating the optional NTU and connecting it to its network
  • Provisioning the wavelength between the service demarcation points
  • The operation and maintenance of the Wavelength service
  • Acquiring the public wayleave for civil elements of the service


Carrier Responsibilities

The carrier is responsible for;

  • The operation and maintenance of the services purchased by the end customer
  • Own the relationship with the end customer
  • Act as the point of contact for any end-customer enquiries
  • Allocating adequate rack space for installation of fibre patch panel and enet NTU where required
  • Provisioning a clean protected power supply for the NTU (UPS etc.) if required.

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