International Wave


Bandwidth demand continues to grow across the globe.  With advances in technology driving flexibility and affordability, wavelength services are now a key part of networks, facilitating the delivery of big data, ultra-high-definition video, Internet of Things applications and the expanding universe of cloud-based applications.

Enet’s International Wave delivers low cost, secure, high-speed, transparent connectivity between selected Dublin and European datacentres with guaranteed bandwidth.  Dedicated capacity is assured along a defined, fixed route.  Automated pricing is available from Dublin to FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris), Marseilles and Milan datacentres.

International Wave is ideal for carriers, wholesalers and enterprises.

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Product Diagram

Product Benefits

High Bandwidth

Point-to-point, end-to-end dedicated bandwidth

No congestion


Full protocol transparency with no MTU size limitations


Port-to-port security and privacy for critical data


Add another layer of protection with Protected or Diverse options

Low Latency

Predictable Low Latency: with minimal jitter along a specific route

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