Fibre & Wireless

Fibre & Wireless


enet has an extensive, nationwide fibre footprint, with in excess of 5,000km of open access fibre infrastructure at our disposal.

These networks, which include the Irish State’s Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), have been built using the latest fibre optic technology; bringing unrivalled resilience and service quality.

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Future Proofed

Fibre is designed for emerging technologies and is completely future proofed for higher broadband speeds.


Unlike copper, fibre doesn’t suffer due to weather conditions or distance from a local exchange.

Enhanced Experience

With fibre, symmetrical upload and download speeds are possible so there are no delays or buffering. Simply put, fibre offers a superior internet experience.

Dedicated Connectivity

enet delivers fibre direct to your building, typically to a comms room. This dedicated connectivity gives you peace of mind and security.                   .

Utilising Cloud Services

The reliable and symmetric nature of fibre allows for use of cloud applications which, in turn, creates operational efficiencies or cost savings. From downloading large files in seconds to video conferencing in HD, the possibilities are endless.

Boost Your Wi-Fi

With the dependable and consistent service delivered by fibre as well as the unlimited speeds available, Wi-Fi can be bolstered and scaled appropriately for your business.

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Our ubiquitous Licensed Wireless Network provides a significant extension of Gigabit Ethernet and SDH managed services beyond the reach of any operator’s network infrastructure today.

Additionally, we support a combination of high – availability on-net managed services through the utilisation of both fibre and licenced wireless infrastructure.

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Our wireless network offers a reliable and cost effective solution which allows our customers to deliver super-fast and secure broadband to those in typically hard-to-reach areas.                                              


Additional options for redundancy and alternative routing.

Significant Capacity

Scalable capacity, supporting up to 1Gbit/s symmetrical services.

Low Latency

Licensed wireless technology transports data packets at the speed of light, and hence we commit to delivering the same quality of experience on our licensed microwave network as we provide on our fibre network.


Dedicated licensed spectrum from the Communications Regulator.  Security is certificate based with AES-256 encryption.

Cost Efficient

Immediate efficiency with time to deliver. Licensed Microwave enables our Service Delivery team to accurately meet our Service Delivery targets, with no potential delays due to long civil works or council wayleaves. Additional cost benefits for locations not well served with NGN telecommunications infrastructure.  

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