Enet’s Ethernet solution provides scalable, affordable, end-to-end transport between the customer location and Carrier interconnect points or customer end-points.

Ethernet services are available for local and national handoff at our 90 MANs and to a wide selection of Datacentres, using our high quality MPLS Backhaul infrastructure. 

Enet offers a range of last-mile solutions from On-net MAN Fibre (Ring and Point-to-Point), Enet Wireless and Off-net fibre services using our third party carrier networks.  See the following for further details:  

Carrier Ethernet

Metro Ethernet solutions are available using our MAN Fibre Ring; detailed as follows.

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Metro Point to Point

A Metro Point to Point On-Net local solution is detailed as follows:

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Asymmetrical Service

Asymmetric Ethernet service is also available on point to point fibre in the Last Mile, as both a local and a national solutions:

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