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Dec 20, 2017

A dynamic business makes for fast-changing careers

Over the past 13 years, enet have become a vital component of Ireland’s telecommunications landscape with the company developing and managing the country’s largest alternative fibre network. However, I truly believe wholesale telecommunications is not really about networks or technology – it’s about people. And at enet, we have built a team that, I believe, is the best.

It’s gratifying to think that we have built this team and facilitate career development to the extent that it’s common for colleagues to invest over ten years of their careers in enet. This was recently highlighted to me when I realised that over a quarter of enet staff have been with the company over ten years – quite an achievement in a dynamic industry.

Longevity though is just one element. When I considered why this phenomenon was happening, it occurred to me that it is quite normal for staff to change their roles within the company over many years. Our current sales director, for example, started out with the company as the director of corporate development before switching positions to develop and grow a team of sales managers who regularly close major commercial deals.

It’s very common that those who start as field engineers move their expertise into other departments of the business due to their deep understanding of what happens on the ground, developing strong problem-solving skills in the process. One field engineer moved into the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and now currently works in service delivery in our Limerick headquarters.  

Another case is our billing and systems manager based in the Dublin office, who has had a variety of roles over the last decade, beginning as a field engineer, progressing to a project manager, along with radio planning engineer, presales solution engineer, regulatory compliance reporting, voice billing and rating manager. This is the perfect example of learning new skills that are transferable and how it is possible to progress a career as the business grows.

We also pride ourselves on the diverse nature of our workforce, for example, with 20 percent of employees being women. We can and should be better and it’s an area of focus but thankfully there are great female role models in the business. That includes enet’s systems development manager, who started as an IT administrator. The other women that are celebrating 10-year anniversaries, having also moved across various roles and promotions.

enet currently has 100 staff members that are servicing more than one million end-users and being a dynamic, fast-moving business, employees will inevitably have changing roles and new responsibilities. The opportunity to develop new skills and progress is all part of being in a dynamic business that is growing through devotion to customer-service and a real appetite to nurture technological expertise.

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