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Nov 18, 2020

Enet partners with HEAnet to deliver world-leading broadband speeds to schools across Ireland over the coming months

Do you know a child who makes short films or radio programmes in school? Or do they create designs online in their art class? Or maybe their teacher uses an interactive white board or illustrates lessons with visual animation content from the web?

If so, that school is more than likely one over 600 schools nationwide using the Enet network to connect to the internet. In fact, the majority of secondary schools across Ireland now use the Enet network to access high-speed connections to allow them to utilise valuable and engaging online educational resources. If reliable connections are in place, teachers are more likely to use the plethora of technology options available to them such as language learning platforms, photography editing tools and even online quizzes!

Not surprisingly, Covid-19 has placed even more importance on the delivery of high-speed connectivity to our schools as these institutions now have to allow for greater amounts of online learning or be prepared in case they need to close or scale back operations over the coming months.

Until a few years ago, the vast majority of schools across Ireland were operating with extremely limited DSL speeds or satellite broadband. In recent years, Enet partnered with HEAnet, Ireland’s national education and research network, to initially deliver 100Mbps connectivity to secondary schools.

With a remit to provide internet connectivity and associated ICT shared services across all levels of the Irish education system, this year HEAnet is focusing on upgrading existing services at secondary schools nationwide. As a result, Enet is now working with HEAnet to ensure that hundreds of schools all over the country will have access to at least 200Mbps in the coming months, a move which has the potential to transform the education landscape in Ireland.

With existing school broadband speeds in Irish schools already deemed sufficient in most cases (76 per cent), well above the OECD* average of 66 per cent, the fact that we are now moving towards even faster speeds is great news for teachers and students everywhere.

The scheme will ensure that schools from Bantry to Buncrana will have minimum connection speeds of 200Mbps, while others will have speeds of 300, 400 or even 500Mbps! As a result, we are truly delighted to be working in partnership with HEAnet to continue our great collaboration and position Irish schools as world-class centres of e-learning.

*OECD Pisa Report - https://www.oecd.org/pisa/

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