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Apr 10, 2018

A career in enet

Michelle Ryan, enet’s Organisation Development Manager, talks about working in the telecoms industry and what it takes to succeed at enet.

Have you ever considered a career in telecoms? Ever thought about working with Ireland’s largest open-access network operator and making a real impact on Irish telecommunications. A career at enet means many things. We’re always challenging ourselves to do better for our customers because deep down, we want to make a difference to businesses and peoples everyday lives. Our passion is in providing towns and cities in Ireland with a communications infrastructure that allows them to compete on a global stage.

enet currently services over 70 carriers, both global and local, such as Imagine, Magnet, Ripplecom, Virgin Media and Vodafone, with these in turn providing services to over one million end-users daily. There are over 100 enet colleagues that are ultimately serving one million end-users, that’s the beauty of a wholesale business and that’s what makes enet special.

We all know that the wider telecoms industry is rapidly growing and there is significant investment in the sector which should allow career minded people their own personal growth and development story. A qualification in engineering, networking or computer science can be a platform for a career in telecoms. Of course, other qualifications and skills are required, such as finance, project management as well as sales and marketing.

For us though, wholesale telecommunications is not really about networks or technology, it’s about people.  Regardless of qualification, enet always recognises that the three things that really matter are commitment, talent and attitude.

Over the last 14 years, enet has building a business and a team that is the best. The future of telecoms is continuing to grow and enet will be a central part of that story, so why not join our team. There are currently new opportunities in a number of different roles - check them out on our website or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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