Data Centres & Co-Location

Data Centres

With a presence in and connectivity to twenty 3rd party Data Centres, Enet offers carriers a range of data centre connectivity solutions - ranging from managed service to dark fibre connectivity.

This pre-deployed capacity between key Dublin and regional City data centres in enables access to an interconnected network of data centres. Enet deliver secure, reliable and scalable connectivity options for our carrier customers between sites.


Enet provides a superior means for operators to locate equipment using state of the art Co-Location facilities on any metro network.

This presents operators with a secure place to physically house hardware and equipment as opposed to locating it in offices or warehouses where they are exposed to fire, theft, power outages and communication outages.

Enet will allocate a designated service area where an operator can install their equipment within the Co-Location facility. As part of the product offering, Enet provides core utility services such as power, facility monitoring and environmental control.