Enet's network is made up of a combination of fibre and wireless assets that, when aggregated, create a unique, fully integrated national network proposition - allowing for unrivalled service quality and availability.

*Enet endeavours to make similar services available on the Enet Owned MANs as are available on the State Owned MANs, however, this may not always be possible and is dependent on availability.

MANs / Other Metro Fibre

Enet operates the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) on behalf of the Irish State in 94 cities and towns in regional Ireland. In addition, we also own and operate metro networks in Dublin, Castlebar, Shannon and Newbridge.

Core / Backhaul Fibre

Our proprietary infrastructure, along with long term arrangements with a range of 3rdparty network operators, has allowed Enet to develop a genuinely unique and resilient core network offering.

Nationwide Wireless Network

Our ubiquitous licensed wireless network provides a significant extension of Gigabit connectivity beyond the reach of any operator's network infrastructure today.

Data Centres & Co-Location

With a presence in and connectivity to 20 3rdparty Data Centres, Enet offers carriers a range of data centre connectivity solutions. In addition, we manage over 90 regional co-location sites, as part of our operation of the State owned MANs.

Connectivity To The Tower

With significant connectivity in place to nationwide tower / mast infrastructure and with an ability to deliver connectivity to hundreds more, Enet is well placed to deliver competitive mobile backhaul offerings.

3rd Party Tails

Our nationwide, deep interconnects with 3rd party network operators ensures that everywhere is on net with Enet. Our ability to extend our footprint beyond proprietary network assets means we are a one stop shop for carriers and their wholesale needs.

32 Counties / International

Enet's wireless network, as well as 3rd party capability ensures that we can offer a 32 County solution. Additionally, we have a DC presence in the UK and can competitively deliver international tails.