Cloud Access


Enet’s Cloud Access product enables direct connectivity to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google and SAP from one physical connection. Cloud Access is delivered by a private, dedicated Ethernet connection. This provides reliable upstream and downstream bandwidth at all times to ensure a high-quality access experience, avoiding the unreliability and congestion from using a public Internet connection.

Cloud Access is available in a variety of bandwidths from 20Mb to 10Gb. It is delivered nationally via our local fibre or licensed microwave access networks. It is then routed to our Cloud Fabric provider and connected to the chosen Cloud Service Provider(s). It is an end-to-end connectivity solution connecting you to over 120 CSPs with no additional CPE, cross connects, internet breakouts, routing and firewalls to manage. Enet will manage the service in the same way as we do our core network so you can spend more time focusing on your business priorities. 

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Product Benefits


Access to over 200 Cloud Service Providers


10Mbs-10Gbs service speed using Ethernet connectivity


Readily scalable service to meet demand or changing business patterns

Mission Critical

Separates mission critical services from other internet-based services


Data transfer is secure and private


An existing Enet physical connection can be used

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