Dark fibre

Fibre optic cable is deployed in each of the MAN centres in ring topologies providing resilience and ease of access. enet offers operators the opportunity to lease this dark fibre on every MAN allowing complete flexibility in the creation of innovative product offerings to your end-customers.

The dark fibre offering encompasses the following options:

  • A designated fibre pair on an operator dedicated fibre ring, with the route of the fibre ring determined by the operator
  • A point to point dark fibre spur


Features & benefits




Class of Service

  • 99.999% Network Availability

  • Guaranteed availability to meet the requirements of all consumer applications

High Specifications

  • ILM and ODTR tests at 1310nm, 1550nm and 1625nm wavelengths

  • High quality and tested to the highest industry standards


  • enet offers industry leading SLAs with guaranteed on-site responses & credits/ penalties, where applicable

  • 2 hour on site

  • Provides the customer with guaranteed benchmarks

  • Demonstrates enet's commitment to service excellence

Customer Support

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Centre support

  • Immediate and proactive response to any customer issue


  • SC-UPC Connectors


Typical 96 fibre cable


  • .35db/km at 1310nm
  • .25db/km at 1550nm
  • .28db/km at 1625nm

For more infomation on our Dark Fibre product, including technical details, download our product specification by clicking here.   


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