Antenna space

enet offers an innovative solution for wireless operators to provide wireless services using the Metropolitan Area Network. This product avails of enet's state of the art Co-Location facilities to locate the operators equipment, providing both antenna and rack space as required.

It is a proven solution for wireless providers combining both wireless and fibre services. As such, this solution greatly enhances the operator offering in a MAN enabled town, allowing them huge potential for growth while reducing the cost of set-up.


Service details

This service offering encompasses the following items:

  • A designated 600mm space placed on a 2m Pole

  • A 2U allocated rack space in the enet Co-Location facility

  • DC power to the designated rack space

  • Trunking from the pole to the Co-Location access gland

  • Security includes 24x7x365 monitoring of the facility, with secure access 





  • 99.999% Network Availability

  • Guaranteed bandwidth to meet the requirements of all consumer applications


  • enet offers industry leading SLAs

  • Guaranteed on-site responses & credits/ penalties, where applicable

  • Provides the customer with guaranteed benchmarks

  • Demonstrates enet's commitment to service excellence

Customer Support

  • 24 x 7 Technical Support

  • Immediate and proactive response to any customer issue

  • Different levels of supervised access available to the operator rack/antenna on a 24 x 365 basis (under the terms of the SLA)

  • Remotely supervised access is also an option upon completion of an accreditation course

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