Wholesale products

enet has the ability to deliver what our competition can’t or won’t. Unlike other wholesale operators and network providers, we spend little or no time trying to change our carrier customers' strategies. Working on the assumption that “they know how to run their business” our ambition is always to say “YES” to their requirements.

We offer carriers a wide and innovative range of wholesale products and services, ranging from Managed Services, Dark Fibre as well as Co-Location solutions.

Managed Services - Ethernet

enet’s Ethernet Product Suite is next-generation Ethernet service at its best. It is designed to give customers scalable, affordable, end-to-end transport.


Dark Fibre

Fibre is deployed in each of the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in ring topologies providing resilience and ease of access.



enet provides a superior means for operators to locate their equipment using our state of the art Co-Location facilities on any Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).


Managed Wavelengths

enet's Wavelength products provide carriers and end-customers with the security and dependability of a private network without the operational complexity. 


Pole Access

Pole access is granted via a license to enable carriers to deploy and maintain their own equipment on enet's pole infrastructure. This access to our physical infrastructure facilitates the placement of fibre cable, copper cable or wireless equipment on our poles and allows for the provision of next generation access broadband services to end customers.

Managed Services - SDH

enet’s suite of Managed SDH services provide dedicated fibre links to enhance data and voice communications for your customers or in your own network.


Antenna Space

enet offers an innovative solution for wireless operators to provide wireless services using the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).


Duct and Sub-Duct

enet offers duct & sub-duct products to operators who wish to use the ducting to lay their own fibre.                                                                                         


Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

enet are now delivering Fibre to the Business infrastructure to small and medium sizes enterprises (SME). We are deploying FTTB networks on a town by town basis.