Choose enet

Choose enet

Here are just a few of the reasons why over 70 service providers have already chosen enet;

We're not the competition 

We do not compete with our customers; We aim to be a part of your solution.


Best in class service delivery

enet has an ability to deliver what our competition can't or won't. We understand that you and your customers have varying needs and requirements. enet will work with you in responding to those needs and provide the best solution for all concerned.


Ability to commercialise networks

enet are committed to offering best price or flexible terms that suit the business needs.

Our fibre coverage

World class fibre network with unique backhaul offering creating a fully integrated fibre network.



Unlike other wholesale operators and network providers, enet spends little or no time trying to change service providers' strategies – our ambition is always to say "YES" to their requirements.