What we're good at

What we're good at

In enet our hard work  and dedication is what has seen us grow from strength to strength since the beginning. In 16 years enet has grown from a start-up company with no network, to one with over 5,000 km of fibre, a wireless network nationwide, and a satisfied customer base of over 70 telecom carriers. 

This success has been underpinned by a number of core strengths;

Best in class service delivery

We have the ability to deliver exceptionally fast connection times (versus the competition), and our speed of service delivery is a true differentiator – one for which we are renowned within the industry.                                                            


enet delivers customers what they want and not what we want to sell them. We provide flexible bandwidth solutions to carriers, allowing them to develop and deliver high quality services to their end users. In reality, our flexible approach in developing and tailoring specific solutions for our customers is a huge and notable advantage over our competition.                                                                                   

Fibre expertise

The future of telecommunications is in high bandwidth, next generation services. The optimum way for these services to be delivered is over fibre networks and enet are fibre specialists.                                                                                            

Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s)

Nationally and globally, policy and industry accept that state intervention is necessary to deliver the full benefits of Next Generation Networks. enet’s policy supportive approach and experience in driving PPP’s offers an ideal vehicle through which state intervention can be channelled.

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Wholesale only / Open access model

The wholesale / open-access nature of our business, and the manner in which the company embraces this model, ensures that we don’t compete with our customers. This has been vital to our success.                                                           

Ability to commercialise networks

enet’s expertise and experience shows that the commercialisation of a fibre network, particularly for public policy initiatives, is an exercise that must be considered, organised and well executed. The challenge of stimulating usage on the network, to drive a defined public policy as well as delivering a return for the shareholders is not one which can be met with an “off the shelf” plan.                 



Wireless expertise

The company has a proprietary nationwide wireless network and can provision fully managed services to rural and fibre-deprived areas over licensed spectrum.  Our wireless expertise means we can deliver high capacity bandwidth (up to and including Gigabit connectivity) and provide fully diverse back up solutions for clients regardless of location.                                                                                                                                                    

World class Network Operations Centre (NOC)

The enet NOC is a technologically advanced centre ensuring superior network performance and customer satisfaction. The centre is located in our Limerick HQ and is manned on a 24x7x365 basis.