Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

enet understands and recognises the importance of conducting business in a socially responsible manner and aims to adopt, apply and support best practice principles by ensuring environmental and social parameters are considered throughout our business.

Furthermore, the Senior Team, as well as the Board of Directors, considers that corporate social responsibility is an integral element of good business management.

enet’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is centred on 3 main tenets – Our Staff, The Wider Community and The Environment.


enet recognises that its employees are its most valuable resource, and the fair treatment of our employees is vital. To that end, enet has developed a number of employee policies, practices and initiatives to ensure that employees are appropriately trained, protected and aware of the aims of the business:

  • Pay and Benefits: enet believes that its staff should be fairly compensated and rewarded for the work they do. In addition to the competitive salaries offered, an attractive benefits package is offered;

  • Training and Development: enet is vigilant in identifying areas where continued training and development is necessary. Most of the training requirements are identified through the annual performance appraisals process. However management and staff requests for relevant up-skilling is monitored and updated actively in the training plan;

  • Educational Assistance Programme: enet gives structured support to further education through our Educational Assistance Programme which includes providing study / exam leave as well as course and examination fees;

  • Work / Life Balance: In terms of striving for a work / life balance, the company attempts to be reasonable and flexible to ensure personal and family life does not suffer unduly;


Creating relationships with and contributing to the local communities in which we operate is becoming increasingly important to the business because we feel it is the right thing to do. We simply call this “Giving Back”.

To date, our “Giving Back” has revolved around:

  • Sponsorships: Sponsoring local sporting teams and / or events (e.g. St. Patrick’s GAA Club – Donabate, Irish Optimist Nationals - Howth Yacht Club, Ennis RFC);

  • Charitable Donations: Contributing to a variety of good causes both locally and nationally where we feel that our contribution can make a real difference (e.g. Limerick Simon Community, St. Vincent de Paul, The Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice Foundation, The Chello Foundation, Down Syndrome Ireland, Pieta House);

  • Donating Time: Organising fund raising activities on behalf of Charities (Haven, Capuchin Day Centre);


enet takes our environmental responsibilities very seriously and actively operates an environmental management system.

We strive to reduce our own impact and the impact of any sub-contractors on the environment. Our environmental policy specifically targets the construction element of our business and enet expects all subcontractors and suppliers to co-operate fully in the implementation of this system.

Some environmental initiatives are outlined below:

  • Recycling: General awareness and cognisance of recycling is promoted within the business. Separation of materials such as paper, plastics and cardboard are catered for. In addition, enet purchase recycled stationary and use recycled ink cartridges as a matter of course;

  • Video Conferencing: The Company has installed and frequently uses video conferencing. The business case for this was to reduce the requirements for travel;

  • Network Design: We ensure that energy design is a key part of our network design and we have taken a number of specific actions that reduce the impact on the environment e.g. Increased tolerances on air conditioning in 86 collocation facilities to reduce energy consumption;