About Enet

Enet is Ireland’s largest open access network provider. We are building and operating the largest alternative wholesale telecoms network in Ireland, which is facilitating the delivery of affordable, world-class broadband and wireless services to homes and businesses on a genuinely nationwide across Ireland basis.

We currently work with over 70 different retail service providers to bring high-quality fibre and wireless connectivity to over one million end users throughout the country. Our ambition is to make it even easier and more cost-effective for carriers to deliver broadband and high-performance connectivity solutions to more customers.

Enet does not compete with our customers. We operate exclusively on an open access, wholesale-only basis, all authorised telecom carriers can have access to our infrastructure on the same basis, enabling them to deliver more cost-effective, high-performance connectivity solutions to more customers in regional and rural Ireland. This model is contrary to traditional operators’ exclusivity of network and allows for competition in a way that has not previously happened.

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